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Virtual Panel

Virtual Panel

Intercom soft-panel for remote access on smart devices, PCs, and laptops

  • Fully featured intercom panel
  • Connects up to 12 users on a single Gemini
  • Access for private, group and conference communications
  • Requires VoIP connection over standard TCP/IP networks
  • Up and running in minutes
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Virtual Panel

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Why Choose Trilogy Mercury?


Allow contributing team members to connect remotely and effortlessly to core intercom users.


Download app from the Apple iTune Store (for iOS devices) or Google Playstore (for Android devices) and be connected to the host Eclipse HX system or LQ Core Configuration Manager. Access is granted by the System Administrator.

Retail Warehouse Communications

Cashiers, Operations and the Warehouse are all connected via an IP network on which audio can be delivered. At Customer Checkout, cashiers POS stations are outfitted with Trilogy Virtual panels. Labeled with key personnel throughout the retail store, a cashier can contact anyone quickly and efficiently. The virtual panels are managed through a Trilogy MIU device in the Operation Team’s control room. There, users can communicate with other team members using the virtual panel on their PCs. An LQ-4W2 IP interface allows a connection to the Warehouse where pickers use a DX410 wireless system to roam throughout the RF coverage area to gather product and deliver it to the customer at the front of the store.

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