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ProGrid Audio Network

ProGrid Audio Network Solution transports, distributes and routes signals from the intercom, audio, video equipment—independent of manufacturer or brand—quickly, cost-effectively and easily over a fiber and IP network. ProGrid offers redundancy, robustness, and reliability for small to very large infrastructural requirements.The ProGrid family consists of several categories of devices: Analog Audio Converter Devices, Intercom Interface Devices, Digital MADI Interface Devices, AES/EBU Connectivity Devices, and Yamaha Interface Cards.

Product Family

Complete your ProGrid Audio Network with our suite of products.

Why Choose ProGrid?

The Fiber Advantage

Compared to copper, ProGrid fiber cabling will save you money, time and weight to implementing a long-distance audio network. It supports a number of different routing topology and connection options—Star, Ring, and Point-to-Point. A fiber-based network creates a hum-free environment.

Network with Confidence

Ensure your network with redundant fiber protocol, redundant PSU, redundant sync operation – Word Clock and Video Sync, with extremely fast, non-audible recovery after failure.

Decentralized and Scalable Platform

Up to 1024 audio input channels and unlimited number of output sin non-blocking matrix. The matrix is stored independently on each device. Up to 24 ProGrid devices, expandable to 215 devices using SANE –an Ethernet-based backbone that streams and transmits data fully synchronously in real time.

Low Latency Transmission with Signal Preservation

Capable of routing any incoming signal to any output or multiple outputs as a continuous stream of data, without buffering, packaging or compression in extremely low latency. System latency of two samples is at 41.6μs.

System Diagram

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