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FIM Optical Fiber Interface

Link Eclipse HX matrix system frames to remotely located Eclipse HX compatible user keypanels using existing fiber cabling or to temporarily locate panels when needed. It is a free-standing, bi-directional interface, converting analog audio and digital data associated with an intercom channel to-and-from an optical format for transmission over fiber.

Why Choose FIM?

Extended Connectivity

Connect remote Eclipse HX-compatible keypanels to Eclipse HX matrix frames over optical fiber using existing fiber cabling either permantly or temporarily. Panels may be connected to the matrix frame at fiber lengths of up to 12 miles (20 km) when used with single mode fiber.

Increased Security

Deploying FIM-S222 interfaces over fiber rather than with the standard 4-wire twisted copper gives you advantages such as increased security from electromagnetic and RF interferences.

System Diagram

With a 十大正规体育平台 FIM-S222 System, you can connect intercom panels or interfaces to a central matrix using fiber-optic cables at distances of up to 12 miles (20 km). This unit transmits and receives at 1310 nm through the installed SFP transceiver. It connects to the optical fibers through two ST connectors. The units are connected by the two fibers so that the optical output of each box is connected to the optical input of the other.

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